stump removal services
in Halifax, Carlisle or Harrisburg, PA

Stump Removal
Did a Fallen Tree Leave a Big Stump Behind?

Take advantage of our stump grinding services in Halifax, Carlisle or Harrisburg, PA

Tree stumps left out in your yard are a tripping hazard, eyesore and potential nesting place for pests. But not to worry, because we can remove them for you. ABC Tree Monkeys provides stump grinding services for those in Halifax, Carlisle & Harrisburg, PA. Once we grind down your stump, we can leave the wood chips behind for you to use as mulch.

If you don’t need mulch for your yard, we can also turn your stump into firewood. Reach out to us now to find out more about our local firewood services.

Why is it so important to remove stumps?

Stumps may seem harmless enough, but there are actually several benefits to stump grinding services. These include:

  • Stopping diseases from spreading
  • Avoiding pest infestations
  • Freeing up space in your yard
  • Preventing tripping hazards

We can remove stumps up to two feet in the ground. You can book our stump grinding or local firewood services by calling 717-710-8992 now.

Stump Removal