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Schedule our professional tree removal services in Halifax, Carlisle or Harrisburg, PA

There are several reasons you may need to remove a tree. Whether you’re adding a new outdoor living area or just have a dead tree in your yard, you can count on us to help. ABC Tree Monkeys specializes in professional tree removal services for homeowners in Halifax, Carlisle & Harrisburg, PA. No matter if your tree is hanging over your roof or power lines, we’ll get it taken down safely and quickly.

There’s no tree removal project too small for us. Plus, we can grind up the stumps before we leave. Call 717-710-8992 now to learn more about our local stump grinding services.

Learn about our tree removal process

In order to give you the best service possible, our professional tree removal team will take care of the entire process. You can trust us to:

  • Assess the situation
  • Take the entire tree down, from top to bottom
  • Grind up the stump and leave behind mulch (if requested)
  • Cut up and break down the tree, either for firewood or to be hauled away

Don’t leave a tripping hazard in your yard. Instead, reach out to us to book our local stump grinding services.

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